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Manage risk and proactively protect your revenue

InsightCyber’s AI-driven platform continuously monitors your organization’s entire infrastructure, recognizing and alerting you
to the tiny signs that indicate an attack is imminent.

Every day, businesses and institutions are constantly receiving an overwhelming amount of cyber security information from a variety of sources. Reviewing all of this data is time-consuming and forces already stretched resources to react to tasks that may not be critical and miss ones that are.

The InsightCyber Platform solves this problem by consolidating data, from all points of an environment, in a single user-friendly platform.

With no customized scripting or management required, InsightCyber uses advanced AI to convert data feeds and prioritizes alerts to indicate severe and urgent threats, not false negatives. An easily-read dashboard visually shows real-time alerts and a risk register with security metrics, pinpointing where the problems originated. The alerts can be sent to current SOCs or workflow/ticketing systems.

The InsightCyber Platform includes

INSIGHTCYBER ASSET – The platform creates a dynamic and continuously updated asset inventory by using specially designed sensors for OT and IoT environments. In addition, data feeds are seamlessly ingested from any asset monitoring solution, creating a more accurate asset inventory.

INSIGHTCYBER THREAT – Threat intelligence feeds are integrated for vulnerability analysis. InsightCyber’s AI uses behavioral analytics to detect rogue devices and applications, unknown malware, configuration errors and security policy violations, and reports them in real time.

A new breed of AI for cyber-physical security

InsightCyber’s Artificial Intelligence (AI), unlike other approaches that are focused on traditional deep learning, is able to generate accurate behavioral baselines for each individual customer environment down to individual product lines. And it does that in hours, (not months).

With a focus on processing and correlating on many different kinds of data, InsightCyber’s Al is built to normalize data feeds from diverse sources, including asset monitors, threat intel and behavioral analyzers, so that they can be correlated more effectively, and in turn generate fewer false positives and false negatives. This eliminates ineffective alert emails, instead isolating problems at the issue’s root allowing those devices to be isolated, stopping attacks from mitigating across the entire infrastructure.

No extensive training sets are needed. InsightCyber’s AI can be customized with existing analytic algorithms and use built in scripting tools to personalize the system’s behavior to best fit business or institutional needs.

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