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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the InsightCyber Platform find rogue devices within businesses or institutional environments of any size?

The InsightCyber Platform is highly successful at finding and analyzing tiny anomalies that indicate cyber risk in environments of any size. Our AI is tuned to work with data sets from the smallest environments to the largest of enterprises.

Can InsightCyber Artificial Intelligence (AI) detect risk caused by global and local sources?

Yes. In real-time, our platform distinguishes threats that originate from remote sources as well as threats arising from malware that has already infiltrated an environment.

Does the InsightCyber Platform integrate with asset monitoring tools that are currently in use?

Yes. Our platform is designed specifically to aggregate and correlate visibility data from many disparate sources, therefore solving the critical problem of not having a global view of industrial and other assets.

My company has a cyber security platform that works. Why should I add the InsightCyber Platform?

InsightCyber adds the capabilities of advanced AI-based analytics that convert data from other solutions into action items, and specific knowledge about OT vulnerabilities and risk to existing cyber security solutions.

Is the InsightCyber Platform deployed on-premises?

InsightCyber can be deployed either in the Cloud or on-prem. For applications that require geographic isolation, we offer geo-located Cloud instances.

How long does it take for the InsightCyber Platform to be installed? Is my network at risk while it is being installed?

Installation and setup of the the InsightCyber Platform is fast and easy, whether you install it on your own network-based data collectors, on solutions from other products and/or vendors, or a mix of both. In fact, in most cases you will have initial reports within minutes! With InsightCyber Platform collectors, there is no risk to networks because they are fully passive.

My team is already stretched thin. It is challenging and expensive to add resources. What skills are required to manage risk using the InsightCyber Platform?

The InsightCyber Platform takes time-consuming tasks off of teams, by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to eliminate the scripting and analysis that are needed for other security tools. Your existing experts will be more productive, focusing on critical tasks with the information we provide.

Does InsightCyber have a partner program and/or reseller program?

InsightCyber is a partner first company with programs designed to solve some of the most difficult, advanced cyber security challenges in the IT/OT/IoT space while helping our partners to grow recurring revenue for our mutual success.  Partner programs include:

  • Resellers
  • Systems Integrators
  • Consultants
  • Technology Alliance Partners

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InsightCyber values your privacy. We will protect your personal information and will not sell it to any third
parties. You can opt-out anytime. Read our Privacy Policy.