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InsightCyber is changing the way organizations manage cyber risk

“At InsightCyber, we are leading the transformation from cyber security to comprehensive risk management. We identify and neutralize the most urgent cyber threats so that businesses can focus on growth and innovation.”

– Francis Cianfrocco | CEO, InsightCyber

“InsightCyber applies Artificial Intelligence to cyber security and asset inventory in a way that has never been done before. AI isn’t a complement to our approach – it is the heart of our approach.”

– Roland Cozzolino | CTO, InsightCyber

As IT and cyber-physical systems intersect, managing data and risk is an overwhelming challenge that cyber-security experts must contend with on a daily basis. And it is not slowing down, continuously growing with increased complexity. Current technologies and solutions aren’t keeping up with the pace, opening businesses and institutions up to potential, and realistically imminent, breaches of security.

It’s clear that the cybersecurity industry needs a transformative, revolutionary approach to the problem. A solution that goes beyond what existing solutions provide. A shift in focus to risk management, where organizations have clear insight into the most urgent cybersecurity problems and are empowered to prioritize their remediation approach.

The InsightCyber team is passionate about succeeding in our mission to keep the world’s critical infrastructure, supply chains, and industrial operations safe and resilient. As experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI), data science, Operational Technology (OT), risk management and CISOs, we have designed an innovative platform to prevent attacks based on analyzing real-time threat intel, asset monitoring and security events.

This is just the first step in making the world a little safer. Cyber attackers… you’ve been warned.

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