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Can you spot the anomalies that signal a cyberattack on your business?

At InsightCyber, we are redefining the future of cyber-physical security with an exciting new approach

InsightCyber - stop cyberattacks in their tracks. Open the door to innovation

Launching in 2022 – read the press release 

Why we’re here

Quote from InsightCyber's founder, Francis Cianfrocca
“At InsightCyber, we are changing the way businesses protect their cyber-physical systems so that they can invest in new innovation instead of funding old security paradigms—or paying ransoms”
Francis Cianfrocca
Founder & CEO, InsightCyber

InsightCyber is on a mission to keep the world’s critical infrastructure, supply chains, and manufacturing operations cyber-safe, helping to prevent attacks that can have catastrophic human and economic impacts.

What we’re building

InsightCyber delivers operational confidence in a dangerous world.

We are delivering a new AI-powered security service that solves the industry challenge of automating security. We continuously monitor an industrial enterprise’s complete environment—IT and production networks, clouds, IoT and OT legacy systems, and more—to spot the anomalous behaviors, breaches, and activities that precede devastating attacks. We partner with managed security service providers to ensure that every incident is promptly recognized and remediated, in a way that is customized to your needs.

The InsightCyber solution ​

The InsightCyber difference

Proactively protect your environment

Today’s solutions are reactive, designed mostly for yesterday’s attacks. We continuously monitor your environment to detect and stop new and emerging threats in real time, without relying on signatures or vulnerability databases.

Get more out of your security spend

Our combination of advanced AI power and trained experts delivers a new kind of insight and remediation, at a fraction of the cost of current capabilities. And our service dovetails nicely with your SOC and SIEM investments, amplifying their impact.

Ease the talent bottleneck

World-class security talent is getting harder to find. And then, there’s only so much humans can do. Complementing your team with the power of AI can reduce your staffing crunches and get more out of the people you have today.

Who we are

Our leaders have a combined 100 Years of experience in IT and operational technology. Enough to change the world.

Francis Cianfrocca Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Francis Cianfrocca

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Curtis Blount Chief Security Officer (CSO)

Curtis Blount

Chief Security Officer (CSO)
Roland Cozzolino Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Roland Cozzolino

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Joan Ross Chief Intelligence Officer (CEO)

Joan Ross

Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO)

Mario Juarez

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

What we say

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InsightCyber Press Release

News: InsightCyber emerges from stealth to provide cyber-physical security to critical global infrastructure; Appoints executive bench

The Company will launch a new Al-powered managed security service in 2022, delivering continuous monitoring of cyber-physical networks
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