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Stay ahead of cyber attacks

Manage threats and protect revenue with real-time asset visibility, prioritized critical alerts and actionable remediation solutions – all in one platform.

Identify early. Alert quickly. Stop fast.

InsightCyber alerts you to what no one else can: the tell-tale indicators that a cyber-attack is either imminent or underway.

360º view of rogue activity

See a comprehensive view of real-time threat intel, asset monitoring, and security events in one location.

Real-time asset inventory

View everything in OT, IT and IoT environments with a continuously updated inventory of assets.

Customized recommendations

Get actionable solutions to investigate, mitigate and remediate critical issues.

Prioritized alerts eliminate ‘noise’

Be alerted to only severe and urgent threats –not false negatives or false positives.

3rd party integrations

Unobtrusively dovetails with your existing technologies, giving you a view of all your assets –in just a few hours.

Tracking and reports

Easily view the status of alerts and assets. Download reports when you need them.

Patent-pending AI

Driven by unique and customizable artificial intelligence, the InsightCyber Platform analyzes massive amounts of data within fractions of seconds –saving time and protecting revenue.

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