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Stay ahead of cyber attacks

Start managing risk with real-time asset inventory, prioritized alerts and actionable solutions to quickly mitigate them – all in one platform.


Identify early. Alert quickly. Stop fast.

InsightCyber Artificial Intelligence sees what no one else can: the tell-tale indicators that a cyber-attack is either imminent or underway.

By continuously monitoring OT, IoT & IT environments, the platform instantly spots the tiny anomalies that signal trouble and delivers solutions on fast remediation, prioritizing risk, and preventing devastating outcomes.


Driven by AI and analytics

Real-time asset inventory

The InsightCyber Platform unobtrusively dovetails with your existing SIEM – in just a few hours.


Focus on priorities

Risk modeling empowers CISOs, CROs and risk managers to optimize and prioritize response efforts towards issues with most impact, saving time and money.


Comprehensive insight

Combines real-time threat intel, asset monitoring and security events into one location to provide a 360º view of rogue activities.



Built on innovation & experience

We knew a new approach to cyber-physical security was needed, so we made it our mission.

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Let us show you how InsightCyber protects your business and revenue with…

  • Real-time asset inventory & 24/7 monitoring
  • Alerts to critical indicators of an attack
  • Empowering teams with actionable solutions
  • Optimizing cyber-defense investments with risk modeling

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