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The hackers are inside your network.
Can you tell what they’re up to?

InsightCyber - stop cyberattacks in their tracks. Open the door to innovation

Pre-empt a devastating cyberattack with an AI-powered solution that spots trouble before it can begin.

Bridging the IT/OT divide

Too often, the people who understand cybersecurity don’t understand OT.

The people who understand OT don’t understand cybersecurity.

And the people who assess and audit OT systems don’t understand either.

InsightCyber answers the call.

We bypass the vulnerability-focused approaches of traditional IT security with a groundbreaking new approach that protects your environment in an entirely new way.

Find the attacks, not the vulnerabilities

InsightCyber sees what no one else can: the tell-tale indicators that a cyber-attack is either imminent or underway.

Powered by a new brand of AI, InsightCyber continuously monitors your complete environment and instantly spots the tiny anomalies that signal trouble – and then delivers playbooks for fast remediation to help prevent devastating outcomes.

The service is unobtrusive and cost-effective, and it dovetails seamlessly with existing enterprise security tools and processes. We partner with managed security service providers to ensure that every incident is promptly recognized and remediated.

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Stay one step ahead
of cyber-attackers

Reactive cybersecurity approaches mean you’re always one step behind the attackers. InsightCyber puts you on a proactive footing with a radically new view of your environment that delivers unified OT and IT SIEM capabilities.

Beyond security, we solve challenges that every organization faces, including inventory, compliance, reporting, and more.

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White Paper

The InsightCyber Blueprint for Success

Big cubic data block made with smaller cubes with red blocks identified as threats

A 26-point implementation model for the InsightCyber security service to achieve optimal ROI, based on five stages of implementation maturity.

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Blog Post

Engineering Original AI for Cyber Physical Security

Here’s a look at how we employ AI and why it’s unlike anything any other cybersecurity provider offers today.
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We Needed Cybersecurity Before the Creation of the Browser, with Francis Cianfrocca

We Needed Cybersecurity Before the Creation of the Browser, with Francis Cianfrocca

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