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An innovative way to protect your OT

Operational technology (OT) security experts have struggled with the goal of aggregating and correlating data from their operational environment. While vendor solutions have emerged that embed agents into OT devices to collect the telemetry in a proprietary engine, the objective of combining multiple OT security data feeds from different sources into a common analytic platform has not been achieved by any commercial tool.

In this report, Dr. Edward Amoroso, TAG Cyber founder and former SVP/CSO of AT&T, explains how the concept of SIEM for OT provides a natural extension of existing cybersecurity solutions for operational infrastructure. Implemented properly, an OT SIEM should handle multiple ingested data feeds through connectors and should allow for inventory and analysis. The emerging commercial platform from InsightCyber is shown to implement this concept well.

A tablet showing the cover of the InsightCyber document "mplementing SIEM Capability for OT Security"

Download the report: “A SIEM for OT”