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Get proactive protection for your complete OT/IT environment

InsightCyber - stop cyberattacks in their tracks. Open the door to innovation

InsightCyber’s new AI-powered service continuously monitors your organization’s entire infrastructure and recognizes the tiny signs that indicate an attack is underway or imminent.

Computer screen with analytics
InsightCyber's 24/7 alerting system

The service tracks the functionality, connectivity,  and network activity of every single connected asset in near real-time, and compares observed activity with desired normal behavior. When it detects even the smallest operational anomaly, the service processes the deviation and sends an alert when a problem is confirmed.

In addition to 24/7 monitoring, alerting, and reporting, the service offers incident and breach response, custom alerts based on risk criticality and regulatory controls, and AI-generated playbooks for fast response and remediation.

At InsightCyber, we are changing the way businesses protect their cyber physical systems

A new breed of AI for cyber-physical security

Blocks of data with security breaches

The power of the InsightCyber solution comes from a novel application of AI, built from the ground up with new algorithms designed specifically to work in the OT context. Our approach comprises Neural Networks and Deep Learning, self-learning, and much more.

Our developers spent three years honing and fine-tuning this new breed of AI, refining the models by working with a vast amount of real-world data.

So even though the offering is a new one, it is remarkably well-educated.

The powerful benefits of next-generation OT protection


Protect your critical OT and IoT investments with new SIEM capabilities. Our analytics-driven service knows how your environment is intended to work, and recognizes the anomalous behaviors that signal trouble – while dovetailing with your existing SIEM.

Dynamic Asset Inventory

You can't secure what you don’t know you have. Get the visibility you need for your complex environment with a highly accurate, dynamic asset inventory that identifies every connected device—and understands what each is doing.

Remediation Playbooks

It’s not enough to know you have a problem, you need to solve it—and fast. Get immediate, actionable guidance for every identified issue, with AI-generated playbooks informed by our deep understanding of your environment and the global threat landscape.

Risk Modeling

Optimize your cyber-defense investments with a solution that doesn’t just identify problems, but also understands the risks associated with them, and helps you prioritize your efforts for the most effective response at the lowest cost.

Preemptive Protection

Dramatically reduce the incidence and impact of cyber-physical attacks by recognizing malicious activity as it happens. By focusing on activities instead of vulnerabilities, you get fewer false positives, fewer false negatives, and lower staffing costs.

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See for yourself

To see what you’re missing, take our 24-hour challenge and we’ll show you what’s happening in your environment.