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Inside our 26-point implementation model for OT cybersecurity

Cyber security computer screens

The InsightCyber security service is a groundbreaking AI-powered solution to help organizations protect Operational Technology (OT) environments, corporate networks, and OT assets (including IoT and IIoT devices) against a wide range of cyber threats. The service delivers a range of benefits including visibility into assets, monitoring and detection of anomalies, playbooks for response and remediation, and compliance and risk reporting.

This new whitepaper provides a blueprint for InsightCyber service implementation to achieve optimal ROI. The blueprint spans five levels of maturity; you can choose the level of maturity that best suits your needs. In each case, the implementation process begins with an initial phase of discovery, which reflects InsightCyber’s core tenet: “you cannot protect what you cannot see.” From there, you can go much deeper—ultimately through five total phases, which together comprise 26 points of action.

A tablet showing the cover of the InsightCyber document "Blueprint for Success"

Download the whitepaper: “A Blueprint for Success”