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InsightCyber sees what no one else can: the tell-tale indicators that a cyber-attack is either imminent or underway.

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Powered by a new brand of AI, InsightCyber continuously monitors your complete environment and instantly spots the tiny anomalies that signal trouble – and then delivers playbooks for fast remediation to help prevent devastating outcomes. Our service is unobtrusive and cost-effective, and it dovetails seamlessly with existing enterprise security tools and processes.

Our advanced AI continuously monitors your organization’s entire infrastructure and recognizes the tiny signs that indicate an attack is underway or imminent. It tracks the functionality, connectivity, and network activity of every single connected asset in near real-time, and compares observed activity with desired normal behavior. When it detects even the smallest operational anomaly, our service processes the deviation and sends an alert when a problem is confirmed.

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Take the 24-hour challenge and we’ll configure monitoring for your network and show you what you’re missing in your environment today. Or, get a personalized demo to see what InsightCyber can do for you.

Take the 24-hour challenge!